Eye Surgery

Below you can view actual before and after plastic surgery photos from our patients who have visited CDU in Seoul, South Korea.

Lower blepharoplasty

This woman complained about a sign of aging in her eyes. Her lower eyelids had lost their elasticity causing protruding under-eye fat bags. We addressed

Upper Blepharoplasty

This is a senior woman who complained of her aging and tired look. She underwent upper blepharoplasty. The excess skin was removed.

Revision double eyelid

This patient underwent revision double eyelid surgery. She had non-incision double eyelid surgery before, but the result faded away. To prevent a recurrence, we recommended

Rhinoplasty, Double eyelid

This young woman visited CDU due to a flat nose bridge and small eyes with a monolid. Another of her concerns was that her mouth

Lateral canthoplasty

Her concerns were an unfriendly look caused by upward-slanting eyes. We recommended lateral canthoplasty. During the surgery, the outer corners were incised to be longer

Double eyelid, epicanthoplasty

This woman was bothered by having a double fold only on one side, which was caused by ptosis. Furthermore, the eyes were slightly deep-set, so

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