Facial Blushing

Surgery Duration

60 min



Stitches Removal




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Recovery Period


What is facial blushing?

Causes of Facial Blushing

Facial blushing is caused by environmental factors such as prolonged exposure to heat or cold, prolonged use of steroid cream, prolonged inflammation illness like acne or allergies, or repeated drinking.

Treatment Process


Consultation with the dermatologist.


Cleansing of the area.


Application of anesthesia cream.


Yellow laser treatment.


Cool down after treatment.


Final touches.

Clarity Laser (Blemish Mode)

Clarity offers convenient and effective access through the flexible selection of wavelengths at 755nm Alexandrite and 1064nm Nd:YAG, enabling precise and uniform energy delivery with a flat-top beam. Expect consistent treatment outcomes with either air-cooling, or the built-in Intelligent Cooling Device (ICD) method, minimizing skin damage. With the ability to adjust spot sizes from 2 to 20mm across nine options, diverse therapeutic effects for various indications can be anticipated

578nm Yellow Light

The yellow light is absorbed into hemoglobin and selectively destroys vessels without damaging surrounding tissues, treating vascular diseases such as angiosis, telangiectasia, and hot flushes.

511nm Green Light

The green light is absorbed into melanin pigment and selectively destroys melanin without damaging surrounding tissues. This is effective in treating pigmentary lesions and pigmentation after inflammation or infection.


60 minutes

Regeneration Care

Entire face- Yes
Partial- No

Symptoms after Procedure




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Semi-permanent (length of effect differs between individuals)

Average # of Procedures

10 times, 2 weeks apart

Recommended For

Yellow Laser

  • 1
    Yellow Laser uses yellow light and green light, which are optimal for treating problematic skin correctly and accurately.
  • 2
    Green light stimulates melanin pigment around the border of the epidermis and dermis and destroys pigments. This means it is excellent for removing melisma and freckles as well as for whitening. Yellow light necrotizes vessels deep in the skin to treat vascular skin diseases such as vascular melisma, facial blushing, and hemotelangiosis, making the skin clean and clear.

Advantages of Clarity

Yellow laser is specialized in treating vessels, effective for red acne scars, capillaries, facial blushing, and angioma, and treatment is almost painless.

It is effective for treating intractable, recurring melisma, reduces the recurrence of melisma, and makes the skin clearer.

Unlike IPL and laser toning, yellow laser uses the yellow wavelength, which is optimized for vessel absorbency.

It provides instant improvement with a single process.

There is no pain during the treatment, except for a slight heat sensation. No anesthesia cream is needed.

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