Lower Blepharoplasty

Surgery Duration

60 - 90 min



Stitches Removal

After 7 Days


Local and Sedation

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Recovery Period

7 Days

From aged-looking and dull lower eyelids to brighter and youthful eyes!

Anti-aging lower eyelid surgery in Korea is a surgery to brighten up dull and aging lower eyelids, caused by sagging muscles and a bulging fat layer on the lower eyelid.

When fat accumulates, the lower eyelid becomes saggy. The eye bag builds up and the other areas become more sunken, which can cause an aged and tired look. Depending on the individual’s physical characteristics and condition, lower eyelid fat can be removed or repositioned to the sunken areas on the eyes.

In some cases, the excess skin can be removed. By repositioning the fat and filling the sunken areas, the dark lower eyelids become brighter and the appearance becomes younger.

Surgery Duration

60 - 90 min



Stitches Removal

After 7 Days


Local and Sedation

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Recovery Period

7 Days

Different Reasons for Lower Eyelid Aging Process

Skin and muscle sagging

The lower eyelids which were previously attached to the bone loosen and gravity causes the eyelids to sag naturally.

Loss of volume

The volume of the muscle and the fat under the muscle decreases, making the eyes sunken.

Loss in elasticity

Skin elasticity tends to decrease as we age. By checking the elasticity beforehand, canthopexy is performed together to prevent the lower eyelid turning outward (ectropion).

Eye bag protrusion

When the strength of the muscle on the eyes decreases, the fat on the lower eyelid protrudes.

Deep tear trough

The eyes have a deep crease under the protruded eye bag, which is called the tear trough. The tear trough is where the muscle is attached and it occurs when the tissues around this area become thinner. The tear trough becomes more and more obvious.

Bulging lower eyelid fat

Recommended When

Pre-op Checkup

To achieve satisfactory results in terms of functional and aesthetic purpose, a pre-op checkup should be performed and a personalized plan made for each patient.

Examination of skin and muscle thickness and the extent of sagging
Examination of the extent of lower eyelid sagging
Examination of how the eyes are positioned
Examination of the range and depth of the tear trough
Examination of the amount of bulging fat
  • lower blepharoplasty korea

    Snap back test

    Laxity Test
  • lower blepharoplasty eye surgery korea

    Pinch Test

    Tension Level Test
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    Distraction Test

    Adhesion Strength Test

CDU Lower Blepharoplasty

Incisional Method

As a natural part of the aging process, our skin sags and soft tissues disappear. The facial structure is revealed more as time passes.

CDU Lower Blepharoplasty korea

To improve these issues, the reverse process is required: lifting and filling. When more than the appropriate amount of skin or fat is removed, the surgery may be simple, but it can cause complications and a fierce appearance. CDU Plastic Surgery Korea uses the right method to make you look 15 years younger through pre-op checkups.

Personalized lower eyelid fat approach

By preserving the appropriate three-dimensional volume, fat is treated in several ways: fat repositioning, septum enforcement, fat removal, and fat graft.

Midface muscle lifting

By lifting the muscles and the skin at the same time, volume on the mid face will increase and the result lasts longer.

CDU Lower Blepharoplasty south korea
CDU Lower Blepharoplasty seoul

Oom Sling (Orbicularis Oris Muscle Sling) or Canthopexy

To prevent ectropion (the lower eyelid turning outward after surgery) or contracture, oom sling or canthopexy is performed, which fixes the outer tail of the eyes on the orbital bone.

Surgery Process

Lower Blepharoplasty seoul

An incision is made on the lower eyelid, along the lashes

Lower Blepharoplasty gangnam

A muscle incision is made, minimizing the length of the incision and preserving the muscles and nerves controlling eye function.

Lower Blepharoplasty korean eye surgery

The skin, muscles, and fat are separated precisely.

Lower Blepharoplasty korean eye plastic surgery

The fat is treated with consideration of the patient’s condition.

Lower Blepharoplasty south korean eye plastic surgery

Sagging muscle and skin is lifted, creating a youthful eye shape.

Lower Blepharoplasty south korean eye plastic surgery

Excess skin is removed and the wound is closed.

Recovery Process for Lower Eyelid Surgery

Change in eye shape

During the recovery process following midface muscle lifting or fixing the outer tail of the eyes on the bone, the eyes will seem upturned or the surface irregular. This phenomenon gets better as time passes over six months.

Swelling on the conjunctiva (conjunctiva edema, chemosis)

After surgery, there will be swelling inside and outside the eyes. When we have internal swelling, the conjunctiva is swollen, which appears like a bubble on the surface. This is only a temporary symptom due to lymphostasis and will disappear in one month.

Eye dryness

Patients may temporarily experience eye dryness. We highly recommend using artificial tear eye drops until the condition disappears.

Final result

In terms of fat removal or fat repositioning, the final result can be seen around one month after surgery. However, when the lower eyelid surgery is performed with midface lifting, oom sling, or canthopexy, it takes about two months until the eyes look natural.

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