Surgery Duration

Approx. 1.5 hours



Stitches Removal



General or Sedation

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Recovery Period

7 Days

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Liposuction creates a proportional and smoother body contour by eliminating excess and stubborn fat from the body.

Fat is removed through minute holes. A vacuum device is directly connected to a cannula with a suctioning technique, so that fat is effectively removed without scarring, creating a more slender and attractive body contour.

Surgery Duration

Approx. 1.5 hours



Stitches Removal



General or Sedation

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Recovery Period

7 Days

What is CDU Venus Laser Liposuction?

Liposuction-lifting and tightening effect - Fast recovery

At CDU, a Venus laser, the advanced version of laser liposuction, is used for body liposuction. Conventional liposuction can cause complications such as sagging, excess skin, and skin irregularity.

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Why CDU?

Lifting Effect

The safest wavelength, 980nm, increases collagen production in the dermis layer, which leads to enhanced skin elasticity and tightens up the tissues and muscles. The laser directly rejuvenates the dermis layer, which prevents skin sagging as well as achieving a semi-permanent result.

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Safely Remove Fat Only

The Venus laser delivers the wavelengths, 1470nm, directly to the subcutaneous fat. This dissolves the fat alone, without any damage to the surrounding tissues including nerves, blood vessels, and muscles. With this technique, CDU Korea can reduce the complication rate.

A Non-invasive Approach with Minimum Incision

A 1mm cannula is used for Venus liposuction. The incision length is comparatively shorter. The condition of the wound is great, so with time, the scar becomes invisible.

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No Yo-yo Effect

With regular check-ups, a more slender and smoother body contour can be maintained without a yo-yo effect. CDU Korea provides a solid post-op care system, including softening stubborn tissues by using a high-frequency machine, maximizing the result with medication treatment, speeding up the metabolism using a hyperbaric chamber, etc.

Fast Recovery

With a suctioning technique customized through detailed diagnosis, CDU Korea reduces the recovery period by minimizing swelling and bruising.

Surgery Process

Surgical areas, where excess fat will be removed, are designed.

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Small incisions are made and a tumescent solution is injected.

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Fat is dissolved by the Venus laser and melting fat is sucked out through microcannula.

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Bandages are applied and the desired body is achieved.

CDU Post-Op Care after Liposuction

For faster recovery, post-op care is customized depending on the individual’s condition.

LED Therapy

Deswelling, boosting wound recovery, easing pain, anti-inflammatory effect

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Ultrasound Therapy

Activating the lymph system and blood flow, deswelling, helping wound recovery

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High-frequency & Betel Therapy

Activating the lymph system and blood flow, deswelling, helping wound recovery

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Swelling and Scar Regenerating Injection

Activating the lymph system and blood flow, deswelling, helping wound recovery

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Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy

Improving blood circulation, speeding up the recovery with tissue regeneration, improving skin condition

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Q&A About Liposuction

Until when do I have to wear the dressing and compression garments? Is it necessary to keep wearing them?

Fat removal causes empty spaces in the skin layers. If the areas don’t receive enough pressure, excess blood or body fluids can pool and turn into scar tissue. This reduces the liposuction effect. Therefore, it is necessary to continue wearing the dressing and compression garments for at least a month after the procedure.

If I gain weight after liposuction, do I go back to the condition before liposuction?

No, you don’t. After puberty, our body stops generating cells and tissues. This means we have limited fat cells and tissues. Even if we gain weight, it is the size of the limited number of fat cells that increases, not the number of fat cells, because fat cells and tissues are partially removed by liposuction. You can gain weight and the body size can increase, but it will still be slimmer than it was before liposuction.

Should I lose weight before liposuction?

Yes, this is best. The best liposuction candidate is a patient with average body weight, superb skin elasticity, and muscle tone. The result of liposuction is also maximized and the possibility of complications, such as skin sagging and irregular skin surface, can be reduced when patients have great skin elasticity and muscles. Therefore, overweight patients may want to consider losing weight prior to the liposuction procedure, or they may consider a body contouring procedure to remove loose skin.

What should I eat after liposuction?

When diet therapy and exercise are carried out after liposuction, the result can be maximized. Liposuction removes a decent amount of body tissues and fluid, so taking in the right food and enough calories is really important. Sufficient energy is required to recover from the surgery, as well as sufficient nutrition, with less fat and sodium, for wound recovery. Protein plays a pivotal role in wound recovery.

Recommended Nutrition

  • Proteins such as eggs, chicken, fish, and beans
  • Fiber from fresh fruit, vegetables, and whole grains
  • Probiotics from yogurt and fermented foods

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