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We research and develop for your valuable life: SOFTXiL & VXIL


The beginning of the development – SOFTXil is started from the point of understanding of patients’ thoughts and reducing the revision rate.

CDU Plastic Surgery Korea participated in the development of SOFTXiL, which is optimized for implant plastic surgery based on the surgeon’s clinical experience, patient’s difficulties, and cause analysis through revision experience.

SOFTXiL understands the human body​

SOFTXil is a facial implant material resembling human tissue made by silicone.

Bony dorsum area is a hard silicone, and the rest of the area is soft silicone, which allows for surgeons to carve implant easily and comfortable movement of the tip after surgery, such as making piggy-nose with the hand. Also, double material prevents implant deviation.​

The SafetyThe Convenience
Completely sterilized product (valid for 3 years)Easy carving (upgraded version)
Manufactured under strict guidelines of quality control (class 10,000)Various designs to minimize the time for carving the implant
Using implant grade silicone (FDA Approved raw material)Very much suitable design for Asians, bringing a natural contour
Only one implant which acquires FDA 510k in Asia 

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Certificate of Utility Model Registration

Department of Health & Human Services

European Commission Authority


We research the time of human being

VXiL is a two-way medical thread with strong cogs at 180 degrees, made by the advanced concept ‘press sculpting.’ Throughout 190~240days, while Vxil is disassembled, it continuously stimulus fibroblast and produce collagen, which gives volume and an enhanced elasticity to the skin, and makes the skin tone clear.

Advantages & Characteristics
The gift of youth

CDU knows that people would like to be youthful and energetic. To fulfill the needs, CDU started to research medical thread again considering the correlation between gravity, the cause of biological aging, and time. There was a limitation of medical threads that had been generally supplied to the plastic surgery field.

Throughout 19 years of clinical experience, we knew the actual lifting capacity of medical thread. Finally, we took many factors such as limitation of medical thread, lifting capacity, and nonmaleficence to the human body, into consideration and, developed VXiL. VXIL is the latest version of medical thread and CDU developed various surgery methods using VXiL by giving the best result.

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