Cheongdam U

Cheongdam U is ready for you, and is prepared for your safety.
From the consultation to the operation and post-operation, an exclusive physician takes care of you 1:1

One-Staff System

A single physician is assigned from the consultation to the operation and post-operation care so there is no worry about safety issue, and the physician does not change during the process.

The daily number of operations is limited to maintain the physicians’ condition at the top.

Condition 100

Cheongdam U limits the number of operations for physicians to maintain the condition of our physicians at the best condition.

Safe anesthesia system through anesthesiologist.

Safety Anesthesia

We pursue safe anesthesia through anesthesiologist so the patient can go under the surgery at the best condition.

We are equipped with emergency power supply system to prepare for blackouts.

Emergency Supply

With our emergency power supply system, we can safely finish the operation even with a blackout during the surgery.

We control the tiniest dust to create a clean atmosphere.

Fine Dust Meter

To prevent outside infections during the surgery, we installed a dust meter to maintain the best sterile state.

We are equipped with large university hospital-level sterilizers.

Large Sterilizers

With strict sterilization in our large-scale sterilizer, we prevent outside infections and minimize the risk of inflammation.