Nose Surgery

Below you can view actual before and after plastic surgery photos from our patients who have visited CDU in Seoul, South Korea.

No scar rhinoplasty 

Concerned about the severity of droopiness, slight crookedness, and imbalance of her nose width in relation to her facial proportions, she sought to achieve a

Tip Plasty + Hump reduction

Her primary concerns centered around rectifying the droopiness of the nasal tip and refining the slope for a more feminine aesthetic. Given that the height


Her main concerns were a flat nasal bridge, and a protruding mouth. We recommended bridge augmentation with a silicone implant and tipplasty, plus chin augmentation


This young woman disliked her flat nose bridge and bulbous tip. The bridge was heightened with an ultra-soft silicone implant, and the tipplasty was performed


This woman was bothered by an immature and child-like profile caused by a flat nose and receding chin. Rhinoplasty (closed method) was performed and a

Rhinoplasty, Tipplasty

Her nose was already high enough, but the tip was a little droopy. We heightened the tip with ear cartilage without using foreign materials, gathered

Rhinoplasty, Tipplasty

Her concern was a droopy and bulbous nose tip, the effect of which was exacerbated by the hump of the nose. Hump reduction and tipplasty

Rhinoplasty, Tipplasty

She consulted with us about addressing the masculine image caused by the hump on her dorsum and droopy nose tip. To achieve a smooth contour,

Rhinoplasty, Tipplasty

His nose tip was droopy, making the nose look long. This is also called an arrow-like nose, which gives an older look. Long nose correction

Revision rhinoplasty

She had already undergone rhinoplasty, but the tip remained droopy. We added additional ear cartilage to the tip. The tip became more projected, and the

Rhinoplasty, Hump reduction

This woman disliked her prominent dorsal hump and flat nose. We performed hump reduction and tipplasty (closed method). We also inserted a silicone implant on

Male rhinoplasty, Hump reduction

This patient was displeased by the distinct hump on his dorsum. Hump reduction, as well as tipplasty, was performed with closed rhinoplasty. This after picture

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