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No scar rhinoplasty 

Concerned about the severity of droopiness, slight crookedness, and imbalance of her nose width in relation to her facial proportions, she sought to achieve a straighter nose. This was accomplished by inserting the lowest possible implant and elevating the nasal tip, resulting in her desired and more feminine nose shape.

Tip Plasty + Hump reduction

Her primary concerns centered around rectifying the droopiness of the nasal tip and refining the slope for a more feminine aesthetic. Given that the height of her nasal bridge was sufficient, she opted against implant insertion to achieve her desired outcome.

Endoscopic forehead lifting + Endotine

In her case, the presence of excess skin was concealing her natural double eyelids, and she expressed a desire to retain their original shape. By undergoing Endoscopic forehead lifting, she successfully attained a clearer and more prominent appearance of her double eyelids.

Endoscopic forehead lifting + Endotine

While concerns about droopy eyelids, eye contour, and eyebrows are present, the goal was not to pursue significant transformations but rather to achieve a natural yet youthful appearance. Endoscopic forehead lift allows for surgery without visible scars.

Non-Incisional double eyelids surgery + Ptosis correction

She desired well-defined double eyelids without visible scarring, so ptosis correction was performed to strengthen the levator muscle, which might otherwise result in reliance on the forehead to open the eyes due to muscle weakness.

Rhinoplasty, Crooked nose, Revision double eyelid, excision, epicanthoplasty, lateral canthoplasty

Her concerns were a crooked nose and unfriendly look caused by slanted eyes. Additionally, she had already had double eyelid surgery, but the eyes still looked sleepy due to weak eye-opening muscles. Epi and lateral canthoplasty made the eyes appear gentler. Ptosis correction opened up her eyes, making them brighter. Rhinoplasty made her nose narrower …

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Liposuction, Thigh

She complained about excess fat on her thighs. Luckily, she had great skin tone, making her an excellent candidate for liposuction. We removed as much fat as was necessary for an ideal shape while preventing skin sagging. We recommended medicinal therapy as well to maximize the result. She had been a great patient following our …

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Liposuction, Thigh

She was bothered by the fat and fullness over her outer and inner thighs, and wished to have straight legs. We performed liposuction on her thighs and knees. This picture is from three months after the surgery, and shows that her legs became straighter and slimmer.

Liposuction, Thigh

This 24-year-old woman disliked the fat and fullness of her outer and inner thighs. We performed liposuction on the inside and outside of her thighs to make a straighter leg shape. As the patient was young, she had great skin elasticity which optimized both her recovery and the results. We focused on designing the leg …

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Inverted Nipple, Breast augmentation

This woman complained about small breasts and inverted nipples. We recommended breast augmentation with inverted nipple repair surgery. These pictures are three months from surgery. The surgery was performed through the axilar. There was no scar visible around the nipples or the breast, and the sensation on the nipples remained absolutely normal.

Lower blepharoplasty

This woman complained about a sign of aging in her eyes. Her lower eyelids had lost their elasticity causing protruding under-eye fat bags. We addressed her concerns with lower blepharoplasty. This is a post op picture from three months after surgery. The fat bags were removed, reducing the appearance of under-eye shadows, and the wrinkles …

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Liposuction, Forearm

She visited CDU because she wanted skinnier arms. She said she had done intensive exercise but felt like the fat on her arms never went away. When specific areas of fat is really hard to remove because of genetic factors, we highly recommend liposuction. There was not much fat to remove, so we were able …

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This woman was bothered by an immature and child-like profile caused by a flat nose and receding chin. Rhinoplasty (closed method) was performed and a chin implant inserted to make the chin and nose more prominent. The nose and jawline have become more defined with these procedures, giving her a sophisticated look. After photos are …

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This young woman disliked her flat nose bridge and bulbous tip. The bridge was heightened with an ultra-soft silicone implant, and the tipplasty was performed with ear cartilage (closed method). By gathering alar cartilage, the tip has become slimmer. After photos are from three months post-op.