Droopy Tip Correction / Revision Rhinoplasty Case

When We First Met

She visited CDU in April 2017. When we first saw her, she was really stressed out because of repeated revision rhinoplasty surgery. Even though she had already undergone rhinoplasty three times, and although rib cartilage had been used, the tip of her nose kept drooping. Her nasal bridge looked okay, but she felt like her nose was not pretty enough. She herself called her nose a ‘witch nose’! She said she’d had consultations at a lot of clinics. All of them refused to treat her, because they were concerned that further surgery could tear the skin on the tip of her nose. Some even recommended removing all surgical material from the tip. We wanted to help her recover her confidence and beauty, so we decided to perform her revision surgery.

During the Surgery

She wanted to maintain the height of the bridge, so we designed the nose to be slightly curved from the bridge to the tip. We concentrated our efforts on the tip, so that the tip stands out in an ideal fashion, but isn’t too upturned. You can see the contour of her nose now looks naturally curved, and the bridge connects smoothly to the tip. Our Plans: - Make Nam-young’s nose tip much safer, softer, and stronger -Nasal bridge: i-shaped ultra-soft silicone implant (SOFTXiL) With softer implants, the shape looks more natural. A softer implant reduces the possibility of complications and is much less visible through the skin. -Nasal tip: ear cartilage To make the tip softer and prevent hard rib cartilage breaking the skin, rib cartilage was swapped out for ear cartilage. The point of this surgery was to create a stronger tip with softer material. We made sure that we checked the shape and height with her before closing the wound. In this way, we could easily correct unsatisfactory results.

Right after Surgery

In the recovery room, Nam-young rested until the anesthetic wore off. An ice pack is helpful to prevent swelling.

One Month after Surgery

There is not much swelling, but the tip seems a bit too dramatic due to subtle swelling. The tip shape and droopiness seems okay, too. Let's see how it changes by a year or so after surgery.

Three Months after Surgery

Still, there is small swelling, but the nose seems settled down a lot.

A Year after Surgery

Final result. The height and the shape are well-maintained as we intended. The nose had already settled down by six months after surgery. From this stage, we can be confident that the result will be maintained almost permanently. Nam-young doesn't have to worry about tip droopiness anymore.

Two Years after Surgery

Droopiness is completely solved! :) Everything looks great! As a beauty model, she wanted a defined and prominent nose without flaws. It came out really well. We hope she is happy with her future career.