Total Care Solution for Men


Young-hwa visited our clinic to get a total care solution. He wanted to look more handsome, with stronger features. As CDU Plastic Surgery clinic is composed of eight centers (plastic surgery, dermatology, medical tattoo, anesthesia, etc.), we can give patients a complete beauty guide to find their hidden beauty. Specialists from each center discussed and designed Young-hwa’s personalized plan. His plan was: Monolid eye surgery Noscar rhinoplasty Forehead botox & filler Hair removal (around mouth and neck) Semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos

After Three Days

A cast is put on the nose to ensure the intended shape and proper recovery process. Patients with thick skin often have more swelling than usual, You can see his face, especially his eyelids, are quite puffy.

Post-op Care

Deswelling LED treatment and wound care

After Two Weeks

At this stage, the nose doesn’t look natural yet, but a normal daily routine is possible. Some people may think his nose is a bit big, but nobody can tell that he had surgery.

Hair Removal and Medical Tattoo

How bright people look depends a lot on the skin and eyebrows. These pics are how we polished him up :) haha

After Three Months

We did filler on Young-hwa’s forehead, as well as botox. He looks younger and brighter!

After Nine Months

Looking great from all angles :)

After a Year

As we intended, the nose has become straight and prominent. His image has become much cleaner.